champagne flutes and sparklers together

5:19pm - 15 December 2021

Enjoy festive nights out safely in Weston-super-Mare town centre thanks to a new joint initiative we’ve launched with the police.

Christmas gift wrapped in cloth

5:17pm - 15 December 2021

Could you reduce your carbon footprint this Christmas?

Last year, we collected a massive 3,399 tonnes of kerbside recycling over the five-week festive period, about a quarter more than usual.

postcard saying 'say no to fast fashion'. background is light green with white coat hangers spread out around the postcard

5:14pm - 15 December 2021

Transport, food and energy industries create huge greenhouse gas emissions – but have you considered your clothing too?

two hands joined together cupping a sapling

5:13pm - 15 December 2021

Support is available for local people who are struggling with their household finances this winter thanks to a new grant.

person in a white face mask holding a shop sign that says 'open'

5:12pm - 15 December 2021

Time is running out to get free support if you run an independent business.

coins piled up with people stood on top of them

5:10pm - 15 December 2021

People and communities in need throughout North Somerset are going to be supported thanks to £2.8m of funding we’ve received in partnership with local organisations.

9 - advert about loan sharks

5:09pm - 15 December 2021

Don’t fall prey to loan sharks this festive period.

Families trapped in spiralling debt might turn to loan sharks but this could lead to serious physical, emotional and psychological damage.

carer smiling towards the camera. Her hair is pulled up into a ponytail.

5:07pm - 15 December 2021

Are you proud of the work you currently do?

If you’re looking for something new, becoming a care worker could mean a job which warms the heart and makes a real difference in your local community.

a bunch of small wooden snowman decorations on string

4:56pm - 15 December 2021

Enjoy some festive fun across North Somerset…

Christmas gift wrapped in brown paper and red ribbon

1:28pm - 18 November 2021

Are you starting to feel festive yet?

Christmas is only five weeks away so you might have already started buying your festive supplies.

family planting a tree next to two wind turbines

1:27pm - 18 November 2021

The effects of climate change are already being seen around the world – record-breaking heatwaves, devastating floods and heatwaves.

mans hands holding a negative lateral flow test

1:26pm - 18 November 2021

Now is the season for coughs, colds – and coronavirus.

Covid-19 is still very present in our communities and in the last couple of weeks we’ve seen rates climb to an all-time high.

Birnbeck Pier from the air

1:25pm - 18 November 2021

Final plans to save historic but dilapidated Birnbeck Pier in Weston-super-Mare have been announced.

digital mock up of collaborative office space

1:24pm - 18 November 2021

A shopping centre is set to be transformed into a hub for all the community thanks to £1.7m of funding.

person picking up dog poo with a black bag while a small white dog watches

1:22pm - 18 November 2021

Finding dog poo on pavements can be a particularly nasty encounter so we’re cracking down on it – and need your help.