red arrows in the air with red, white and blue smoke trails behind them

9:25am - 16 June 2022

See stunning air displays and more in some big community events coming up this month…

a selection of small wooden items laid on a table

9:24am - 16 June 2022

Stories are being brought to life to motivate and inspire pre-school children thanks to a successful not-for-profit organisation based in North Somerset.

white extractor fan on a white wall

9:23am - 16 June 2022

Energy bills are still a worry for many people so a new government scheme has launched to upgrade boilers.

a small model house and model car sat on top of paper building plans

9:22am - 16 June 2022

There are just a few days left to take part in our first consultation about possible housing and employment development on land we own in North Somerset.

two men sat smiling together while sat on a bench

9:22am - 16 June 2022

We’ve been through a lot in the last couple of years so now might be a good time to check in on our mental and physical health.

a steaming mug of tea being held in a lady's hands

9:21am - 16 June 2022

The cost of living crisis a worry for many people.

Yesterday (Thursday) UK interest rates were raised to 1.25 per cent, the highest level for 13 years, to try and stem the pace of soaring prices.

people playing in the sea at Marine Lane in Weston-super-Mare

9:20am - 16 June 2022

This week’s heatwave is the perfect time to make a splash in one of North Somerset’s Marine Lakes.

coastal path sign pointing to Weston-super-Mare

9:19am - 16 June 2022

Enjoy part of North Somerset’s beautiful coastline on foot after a new section of a national footpath was officially unveiled yesterday (Thursday).

two road closed signs in the middle of a road

9:18am - 16 June 2022

Improvements are being made to roads across North Somerset as part of our on-going, low-cost annual maintenance programme.

plant cuttings being placed in a green garden waste wheelie bin

9:17am - 16 June 2022

Garden waste collections will stop today (Friday) if you haven’t renewed your subscription to the service.

North Somerset library against a blue sky

9:16am - 16 June 2022

A popular library closes to the public tomorrow (Saturday) so major refurbishment work can begin.

nurse in PPE holding a blue clipboard

9:14am - 16 June 2022

Give your feedback and help shape plans for proposed changes and improvements to some services at Weston General Hospital.

bin man wearing orange overalls stood next to a North Somerset recycling lorry

3:37pm - 11 May 2022

Recycling and waste workers in North Somerset have accepted a pay deal so the proposed strike action will no longer go ahead.

white room with an accessible toilet, changing bed and hoist

3:36pm - 11 May 2022

A new accessible toilet facility is coming to Weston-super-Mare to provide relief for residents and visitors with limited mobility, disabilities or specific care needs.

Childs hands in a heart shape - one blue and one yellow

3:34pm - 11 May 2022

Communities across North Somerset are working together to welcome and support those escaping humanitarian crises across the world.