Help look after more vulnerable people

3:39pm - 12 January 2022

Could you give a little support to more vulnerable friends, neighbours or family members as Covid cases continue to rise?

Our local communities have done an incredible job of helping each other throughout the pandemic.

However, infection rates have reached their highest ever level in North Somerset and are expected to keep rising, so some people might need an extra helping hand.

Our local health and social care system is also under enormous pressure right now, dealing with Covid and the increased demand for services in winter.

Helping with everyday tasks might seem a small gesture but it can make a massive difference to someone’s life.

Could you:

  • check in on someone to see how they are
  • get some shopping in
  • check they’re eating well and drinking enough each day
  • make sure they’re warm and can keep warm
  • pick up their prescription or other medication
  • feed their pet or take their dog for a walk
  • help with household chores such as putting the recycling or bins out, doing some laundry or help keep their home clean?

North Somerset Together is still available to connect people to local support networks.

The online portal also gives information about financial support available for people who may lose income if they need to self-isolate, and for businesses that continue to be affected by Covid.

Looking after yourself

It’s important to look after your own physical and mental wellbeing during winter too.

January always feels like a long month but - nearly two years into the global pandemic – you might still have feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious or pressurised.

Plan B guidance states that anyone who can work from home should continue to do so but a separation of office and home life is important.

You could do this by marking the start and end of the working day with a ‘commute’, by packing your computer away, tidying your work area or going for a walk.

If you need more help with your mental health, our Five Ways to Wellbeing guide is a great place to start.

It suggests five things you can do each day to improve your overall happiness and wellbeing.

There is also a round-up of wellbeing support and advice on our website, with links to organisations that can help people in a range of different situations.

Staying active is one way of improving both your physical and mental health, especially during these colder, shorter days.

Selected books to support mental health are also available under the Reading Well initiative from local libraries.

Books have been specially chosen by experts to help adults, children and young people manage and live with a variety of conditions, as well as information and support for coping with feelings and worries, daily life and getting through a tough time.