Help crackdown on dog poo

1:22pm - 18 November 2021

Finding dog poo on pavements can be a particularly nasty encounter so we’re cracking down on it – and need your help.

Dog mess continues to blight our towns, villages and open spaces so we’re targeting the irresponsible owners who don’t clear up after their pets.

You can help us by downloading the Pooper Snooper app to report any mess you find when you’re out and about.

The reports will then be sent to us so we can see where the hotspots are.

We’ll then target the worst offending areas with patrols from our contractor Local Authority Support, who can issue fines to people flouting Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO).

PSPO fines can be given to:

  • anyone seen not picking up after their dogs
  • anyone seen not disposing of bagged dog waste correctly by taking it home or putting it in a bin
  • not having a receptacle to pick up after their dog (such as a bag)
  • having dogs off a lead in areas covered by the current PSPO
  • walking their dog within a dog exclusion zone.

Campaign officers will be out and about asking dog walkers whether they have a means to pick up after their dog.

If they can’t show the officer a poo bag, they will be fined £75 for breaching the PSPO and given a bag to ensure they have one for the rest of their walk.

We want to help will change people's behaviour and improve our local environment, helping North Somerset to become a cleaner and greener place for everyone.

You can read more about PSPOs on our website.