Enjoy relaxation of Covid rules safely

3:20pm - 21 May 2021

Meeting up indoors in groups of six and in larger numbers outside is allowed again after rules were relaxed on Monday in the latest step out of lockdown.

The long-awaited milestone means there are more opportunities for you to meet friends and family indoors, whether in someone’s house or enjoying hospitality venues.

We want you to enjoy seeing your loved ones again but in a safe way that doesn’t risk jeopardising the efforts everyone’s made so far in reducing coronavirus numbers.

The onus is now on personal responsibility rather than government rules and our health leaders are still urging caution.

The BBC has some useful advice about how to make hugging safer.

Local Covid-19 case rates have dropped significantly and in North Somerset we’re seeing the lowest coronavirus rates since last summer.

But the deadly virus hasn’t gone away – it’s still circulating and some people will be more vulnerable than others to the dangers, and the news is dominated by concerns relating to the Indian coronavirus variant.

While vaccination significantly reduces the risk, it does not remove it completely.

Please make carefully considered choices about what you feel comfortable doing in the coming weeks and months, avoiding situations that you feel are too risky.

If you can, choose to stay outside as much as possible.

If the English weather forces you inside, open windows will help to keep air moving.

The basics of washing hands, covering faces and making space continue to be essential.

In line with the latest step of the government’s roadmap out of lockdown, all council services are now open.

Covid safety measures are still in place, such as social distancing, and services such as those at the town hall, children’s centres and the Motex equipment demonstration centre continue to be by appointment.

The Playhouse in Weston is reopening its doors, the Tropicana will be holding some trial events in its exhibition space, and leisure centres are running classes again.

Remember, you are encouraged to take twice-weekly rapid Covid tests if you have no symptoms.

If you do have symptoms, you should get a symptomatic test and follow the stay at home guidance.