Celebrate action on climate change

11:31am - 08 September 2021

The biggest event for climate and nature ever in the UK takes place this month – and everyone is invited to join in.

The Climate Coalition’s Great Big Green Week runs from Saturday 18 to Sunday 26 September with a series of events to celebrate action on climate change.

Communities all over the country will be celebrating what they’re doing to tackle climate change and protect open spaces, and encourage others to get involved too.

In Clevedon, the week kicks off with The Great Big Green Market, on Saturday 18 September in Queens Square.

Lots of groups and organisations will be providing green information and services, including our sustainable transport team with electric bike trials and the Dr Bike mechanic.

More details are available on the Great Big Green Week website.

This summer the UN released its landmark scientific report, calling it ‘Code Red’ for humanity and highlighting the damage humans have already done to the planet and how this will very likely worsen.

We’ll be running a special climate change Facebook Live event on Thursday 23 September where you can ask questions directly to our executive members about what we’re doing.

Just ask your questions by sending us a private message in advance on our Facebook page or live during the event.

If you can’t watch live the recording, with subtitles, will be available on our Facebook page afterwards.

Find hints, tips and information about reducing your carbon emissions on the North Somerset Nature and Climate Facebook page.


Solar panel buying scheme now launched

Have you thought about getting solar panels but are put off by the initial cost?

Our solar panel group-buying scheme Solar Together, run in partnership with iChoosr, is open for registrations.

Solar Together uses the collective bargaining power of local households to access high-quality solar panels and installation at a very competitive price.

Homeowners can feel confident they are paying the right price for solar panels from pre-vetted installers.

Registration opened a couple of weeks ago and already more than 400 households in North Somerset have signed up for the innovative scheme so far.

You can register on the Solar Together website with no obligation to buy until Tuesday 28 September.


Become a rewilding champion

Do you have an interest in nature and your local environment?

Would you like to be involved in tree planting and learn skills to help protect and maintain your local spaces?

We’ve teamed up with the Avon Wildlife Trust to run rewilding sessions as part of our rewilding project.

This ambitious project will see some areas of council-owned grassland grow longer before being cut, to help boost local biodiversity.

Many insect species, including important pollinators, have suffered severe declines in recent decades.

One significant study published in 2019 reported that more than 40 per cent of insect species are on their way to extinction.

With much of our food supply reliant on insects, this is cause for real concern and is why efforts to boost biodiversity are so important.

You could become a rewilding champion and have a direct involvement in our project, as well as learning valuable skills.

Tasks might include tree aftercare, identification and survey sessions for bees and butterflies or a bat walk.

As well as longer grasslands, volunteers are also helping to plant trees across the area to provide further habitats, while also capturing carbon and providing shelter in public spaces.

So far about 20,000 of a proposed 50,000 young trees have been planted which will result in 25 hectares of new woodland. 

Upcoming sessions are advertised on the Avon Wildlife Trust’s website.

You can also find out more and register your interest by emailing them on nsrewilding@avonwildlifetrust.org.uk