Additional £10m for Portishead Rail

1:44pm - 13 July 2022

We’ve committed an additional £10m to help reopen the rail line between Portishead and Bristol.

We’re working closely with the West of England Combined Authority and Department for Transport (DfT) to progress MetroWest Phase 1, which will see the reopening of the Portishead rail line.

Projected capital costs of the scheme have risen to £152m following unprecedented global increases to the cost of energy, labour and construction materials, and delay’s to government approval of the scheme’s Development Consent Order (DCO).

At a full council meeting earlier this week, our councillors agreed to commit the additional £10m to help bridge the funding shortfall and deliver the project. This is dependent on the Combined Authority also committing an additional £10m, and the DfT closing the remaining £15.5m funding gap.

Portishead rail remains one of our key schemes with the potential to transform the area by getting cars off the roads, providing access to jobs and contributing to sustainable economic growth.

The reopened line between Bristol and Portishead would bring more than 50,000 people back into the direct catchment area of a rail station for the first time in over 60 years.

We will continue to work hard to push and progress the scheme so that the residents of Portishead can finally see the line become a reality.

The additional £10m funding remains subject to DfT approval of the scheme’s full business case, and confirmation of both the Combined Authority and the DfT’s funding commitments.