Poetry proving popular with young children

3:26pm - 26 March 2021

Young children in North Somerset are learning a love of language through rhyme and song thanks to a new poetry project.

The Poetry Basket project launched last year in North Somerset in partnership with MakeBelieveArts as a way to engage children with their language and development in a fun and highly effective way.

Children in early years settings, such as childminders, pre-schools and reception classes, their carers and family members, are learning and reciting many new poems, one of which is being made public each month.

One childminder said: “We can see how much the children are enjoying them, and their exposure to rich vocabulary has definitely increased.”


Organisers are now calling on the community to help take the project to the next level and make the poems visible to more people.

Gail Alder, from North Somerset Council’s early years team, said: “Poems can help lay the foundations for a child’s delight in words and sounds.

“They can encourage their ability to listen and discover new aspects of language – melody, rhythm, beat and repetition – while also encouraging movement, deep engagement, humour and joy.”

The project is an example of one of the council’s corporate aims, of empowering and caring about people and supporting children to achieve their full potential.

Businesses such as cafes, restaurants or retail spaces, as well as individual households, can help by displaying each month’s poem in their window and create a talking point.

Find out more and how to get involved by emailing gail.alder@n-somerset.gov.uk or phoning 07920 082 811.