More ways to have your say

4:19pm - 26 March 2021

Would you like to give your views on the future of both the natural and built environment in North Somerset?

Engaging with local communities is one of the priorities of North Somerset Council as it aims to be an open organisation, so here are two consultations currently running for you to have your say:

Give your views on the natural environment

The area’s landscape – including green spaces, wildlife and waterways – is important to us all.

We depend on nature for food, materials, clean air and water, climate regulation, flood prevention, pollination and recreation.

This environment can be quite fragile though and needs careful management to flourish.

North Somerset Council has developed a draft Green Infrastructure Strategy to outline how the natural environment in the area will be protected and enhanced over the coming decade.

It’s about connecting places and habitats to make them the best they can be, including green and aquatic spaces and other physical features on the land, coasts and marine areas, in both rural and urban settings.

The strategy covers the period up until 2030, the year North Somerset Council is aiming for the organisation and area to be carbon neutral.

Read more about the draft Green Infrastructure Strategy and have your say by Friday 9 April.

Protecting significant local heritage

North Somerset has a rich and varied history with many significant heritage sites which create value and interest to local street scenes and the wider landscape.

As part of Weston’s Heritage Action Zone work, North Somerset Council is now working with Historic England to develop of a directory of these heritage assets which local people feel should be conserved.

A consultation is now running so local people can have their say on the areas that are significant to them and the history of North Somerset.

The consultation covers the whole of North Somerset and the final directory of sites will mean that any future development in those areas will receive additional scrutiny.

The consultation runs until Friday 9 April and includes buildings, structures, parks, gardens and archaeological sites.