Download your updated collection calendars

1:52pm - 23 April 2021

Updated calendars for recycling, garden waste and general waste collections can now be downloaded to help you keep on track over the summer.

The new calendars run until the end of September.

Thank you everyone who has signed up to the new annual garden waste service so far – nearly 40,000 of you.

If you’ve not yet signed up but would like your garden waste collected this year, you can still do it online.

It costs £50 per bin (up to two bins per property) for collections until 31 March next year.

Any council tax discounts you’re entitled to are automatically deducted by the same percentage when you sign up.

If you’ve signed up but not received your permit sticker or tag for bags yet, don’t worry.


We’re sending these out in batches each week so it will be on its way. In the meantime, continue to put your garden waste out as normal and it will be collected.

If you’ve requested a bin exchange, please continue to use your existing one for the time being, and put your permit on this bin. You’ll be given a replacement when your bin is swapped over.

We’re really pleased that there are about 1,500 new customers who have signed up to the new service but weren’t previously registered.

Bins and sacks are currently being delivered to those who signed up in March. If you didn’t sign up until April and require a bin, please bear with us. We aim to deliver within 28 days.

As part of the new garden waste service, compost bins can still be bought for the discounted price of £10

Home composting is the most environmentally-friendly and cheapest way of dealing with your garden waste.

And when you buy a compost bin from us, it includes free delivery and access to a free e-learning course worth £15 from Garden Organic to help you make the most of it.

Composting benefitting the community

Twenty tonnes of compost collected from residents’ green bins in North Somerset has been delivered free of charge to two local community groups.

We’ve been working with Enovert, the company which processes all our garden waste, to deliver the compost to The Jack Hazeldine Foundation in Clevedon and Friends of Grove Park in Weston-super-Mare.

The Jack Hazeldine Foundation supports positive changes in behaviour, resilience and self-esteem in local young people aged six to 20.

The compost is being used in their teaching garden, called The Orchard.

Friends of Grove Park is a volunteer group who help keep the park a clean, safe and inviting place for everyone.

They are using the compost to improve the soil on the Rectors Way allotment site to help locals grow their own food – promoting healthy eating, outdoor exercise and reduced environmental impact.

Garden waste collected in North Somerset is transported to Enovert in Gloucestershire to be commercially processed.

The waste is shredded, laid out in rows and turned regularly to oxygenate. After about 10 weeks it is ready to be used as compost and is usually sold onto commercial customers.

We want to set up more community composting schemes later in year so if you’re part of an allotment committee, parish council or other interested group, email to find out more.